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Joe A. Gonzalez, a Nueces County Justice of the Peace, wanted a way to discourage truancy and counter act the local dropout rate in Nueces County. So in 2005, the Joe G. Gonzalez (JAG) Education Is Our Freedom GED College Scholarship Program (EIOF) was founded to encourage students to stay in school or complete their GED if they did not finish school.

With the help of the EIOF program, this population of students have an opportunity to pursue their dream of furthering their education and skills by attending college or a vocational institution. This program believes that education should be everyone’s right and that every person regardless of age, race or gender should have the opportunity to go to school in a free country and attend a college of their choice.

EIOF is different from other scholarships program; which focuses mostly on GED graduates or those students with a low GPA that need that second opportunity. This program stays in contact with students as they make their way through college and even offer additional assistance, if needed.

A committee of educator, professionals and business owners reviews the applications in late June. Scholarships are then awarded to students each July at the annual awards event. Our program’s goal is to promote leadership and personal responsibility among our youth. The members of our board strongly believe that this process is part of the solution to our dropout epidemic and our future workforce.

EIOF has grown from providing five scholarships to over 100 each year. We are blessed to have such generous sponsors who support this program, who without them, this program would not be possible.

Our education partners, Del Mar College, Texas A&M University Kingsville, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and the Craft Training Center match our scholarships dollar for dollar in the spring semester making this a win-win situation.

A one week no cost summer College Algebra Math Clinic is offered to all 1st year scholarship recipients who struggle with math to help them succeed in College Algebra. We also assist in paying for GED and TSI testing fees.

The Joe A. Gonzalez (JAG) Education Is Our Freedom GED Scholarship Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For more information contact Joe A. Gonzalez (JAG) at 4009 “D” Oak Forest, Corpus Christi, Tx 78413, phone number (361) 945-3551 or email, commishjag@gmail.com.